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Recently Designed

HTML/CSS & WordPress


Italian Fine Design

Chris Desantis

This was one of our most fun projects. We created a completely bespoke website with each page having a new, awesome effect. We finally converted the website to wordpress using our own custom theme, this allowed Chris to update the blog on his website as and when he wanted.

The website was built in HTML using Sass and JS.

K Gill Plumbing

K Gill Plumbing Website

We made this website for a local plumber. We also did the SEO so that he appears on the front page of google when anyone types in 'plumber Hitchin'. This has increased his business.

The website was built using Sass, Html and Javascript. The code is extremely clean and annotated

Oracle Card Academy

Oracle Card Academy

We made this website for an Oracle Card Reader called Ros. It serves as a brochure website for her Oracle Card Academy.

The website was built in WordPress using the Avada theme.

Italian Fine Design

Italian Fine Design

We made this website for an Italian Fine Design company based in London. They wanted a brochure/gallery website where they could showcase their work.

The website was built in WordPress using the Divi theme.

Accompany Me

Accompany Me

We made this website for a company based in South London which offers accompaniment for grade exams and musical rehearsals among other things

This website was built using the Divi theme.

Low Carbon Homes

Low Carbon Homes

We made this website for a company called Low Carbon Homes based in the UK.

They needed a website which would inform delegates of upcoming events but also have a scheduling display system. They also required the functionality to display information about speakers.

We built this website in WordPress as the client wanted to be able to regularly update it themselves. We also offered technical support to assist with updating the website.

Italy Insight

Italy Insight

We made this website for a company called Italy Insight based in Italy.

They needed a website which would serve as both a brochure for their business but also a way for clients to book on these tours.

This was a WordPress website built using the Divi theme.

Low Carbon Homes

MP Duo

We made this one page website for an awesome performance Duo - Phuong Nguyen and Miho Sanou.

They are a highly talented Duo based in the South-East of London.

We built this website in WordPress as it needs to be updated regularly with new concert dates/perfomance archive material. We used the Divi theme.

Do I need a website?

When do you need to redesign your website?

This is a question that is frequently asked. Why would I need to redesign my website though? Is it to get more exposure? is it to freshen up the design? is it update products? the list goes on.

Next you will be asking yourself who can do it for you. Is it a creative digital agency? Is it a web developing company? Is it web designing agency? There are many different phrases for the same thing?

Next you can ask yourself where your web design and development company should be based. Is it better to have a web design company in the UK? Is it better to have a web design company from somewhere even more local to you. We are based in Hitchin and really enjoy working with people from all around the world but also locally. Working locally allows us to really interact with local businesses and helps us enrich the community. We have worked with companies in Bedford, Luton, Hitchin, Cambridge and Stevenage as well as companies from all around the world. That's the awesome thing about web design you can work with people locally and also all over the world.

At Align Studios we love to redesign or update websites to make them function in the modern world. We design a lot of websites in WordPress but also using HTML/CSS.

If you would would like to see website layout examples you can see them here

we design studio

Why I chose to start web design

Web Design for me is an amazing passion that I didn't realise I had until about five years ago. I remember playing flash games and using flash websites and wondering how they were made. Some of the best websites used flash. Nowadays they are built using fancy JS and CSS.

I like to think that what Sam and I are doing in Hitchin with being a creative agency which does Graphic Design and Web Design is what marks us apart from the competition. Sam is an awesome designer, equally at home designing websites as she is designing print material, brochures and logos.

I know there are a lot of website builders out there such as Wix or Shopify but what you don't get with them is the personal experience of communicating with a web developing company. Also with a dedicated graphic page designer you know that your website will be in the same league as all the best websites.

We like to think that we are the best web design company in the UK, well maybe one of the best. We also consider ourselves one of the best mobile website design companies and we also understand that the majority of websites are viewed on a mobile phone so therefore need to be responsive.

Finally we like to think of ourselves as not only a super, high quality web design firm but also that we are an affordable web design company who also lends themselves to ecommerce sites using either woocommerce or magento.

Please check out our facebook here and our instragram here