Brand Identity & Design

It’s our Brand Identity & Design experience, skills and methodologies that underpins and allows us to create all that we do.

Brand identity (or brand design) is like a face of your brand, so it’s a visual side of your business. This is usually what you need when you find that your business has everything ready to go, but no way of showing it to the world — this is where your brand identity comes in. We can help create your brand identity and all visual communications around it – giving you all the material to share and grow your business. Our brand identities usually include things like:

Logo Design
Brand Packs / Guidelines
Branded Assets – internal and external, and digital and print

Our approach to branding is always the same, in that it’s never exactly the same. We start by listening and learning, and let that shape our design process, with our clients as partners every step of the way.

In terms of design, we do both graphic and digital design.

So, I hear you say, what is the difference between graphic and digital design? Well simply put digital design uses all the skills of graphic design, with the added consideration and skill of producing, and outputting designs that work in a digital environment – for example, websites, html emails, landing pages, online ads & banners, social media assets to name a few. We believe that you cannot be a good digital designer, without the insight and skills of a graphic designer. Graphic design is what we traditionally associate with print design – brochures, posters & flyers, packaging, business cards and stationery, exhibition design, way finding systems and so much more. It’s all those lovely things you can hold in your hands or see and interact with in the real world.

Being able to design across both print and digital platforms means we have the design eye, experience and skillset to pull business brand identity, across any platform that our clients need.