Healing Bodies Healthy Babies

A Website Design and Build for a public health company based in America.

Web Design


This was a website design and build for a client in America who is based at the West Virginia University
School of Public Health. Their mission statement is as follows:

Healing Bodies Healthy Babies is designed to be a resource for clinicians and healthcare professionals, patients, and family and loved ones to help navigate the complex issue of pregnancy and eating disorders. Our goal is to provide screening, referral, and education tools including sensitivity training to healthcare professionals; research-informed resources for recovering through pregnancy or maintaining recovery for patients; and resources for family and loved ones to act in a supporting role. In this way, we aim to help women’s healing bodies whether they have a current or past eating disorder so that they can have and raise healthy babies and maintain recovery postpartum.

This site was built in WordPress using the Divi theme to enable easy updates.