Logo Design

A Collection of Logo Designs for Print & Online



A collection of logo designs done for various industries – shops, architecture, event companies, jewellery industries and more.

Client: BumbleBee and Bear
Industry: Interior Artwork

Branding and logo design for a startup business who create wall art, made to order for the home. Their work is lovely – and affordable!! With the added option for them to create that print you’ve always wanted or to create that perfect, bespoke gift for someone special. Mainly focused on the family and nursery artwork (though they have branched out) the business Bumblee Bee and Bear is friendly, and captures moments in image. So it seemed obvious to use the image of a bear and a bee, but a simple and clean version that appeals to mothers and children.

Client: Sally Pacific
Industry: Homeware (retail)

Sally Pacific was a logo for an online retail of homeware in the USA. A redesign of an old logo to help the business move forward. Another independent business looking for something that was personal to them, but also professional in their market place. Adding the cutout image of the chair re-enforces what Sally Pacific is about. The font is friendly, strong but still feminine which means it will appeal well to their target market

Client: Mop To It
Industry: Cleaning Services

This logo design was for and American, cleaning company – Mop To It. The branding was applied to business cards, website and brochures. The main concepts was to have a clean and simple feel, but to make it contemporary and professional, to appeal to their target market, which was corporate businesses.

Client: Into The Trees
Industry: Events

This was a logo design for an event called ‘Into The Trees’. The event aimed and getting families and friends outside, to get everyone exploring and breathing some fresh air.

Client: Boston & Rose
Industry: Jewellery

This was a project for a friend who was starting her own business. Her niche was selling via airlines to their passengers. The logo is a combination of the dog she loves and her name ‘Rose’. It’s simple and straight forward – the packaging is clean and the use of sliver and gold connects to the products she sells

Client: The Nourished Soul
Industry: Health and Wellbeing

This was a logo for a yoga business, The Nourished Soul, focused on the practice yoga combined with wellbeing. This use of the circle is a strong symbol of the soul and the connection and cycle of life, which is combined with a gentle flowing font to underpin the calm and peace that The Nourish Soul brings to their clients.

Client: Horenberg
Industry: Training for International Professionals

This was a logo design for Horenberg. They provided training, course and coaching to international professionals. Based in Belgium they help international professionals learn skills in dealing with various cultures in business, and more. They run courses, are hired to consult with international business teams and provide valuable coaching.

Client: SettleFi
Industry: Finance

Settle Fi is a niche financial services group that was created to provide financial support to individuals who have suffered serious injury and are embroiled in litigation.We created a logo that was strong, but more friendly than the usual finance logos but using bright, friendly colours.

Client: Vavara
Industry: Gifts and Homeware

This was a logo for a gifts and homeware retailer who was rebranding – they eventually changes their name (see project Culture Trend), but we have included this logo design here because we feel it was a very strong option (and had the name not changed it would have been used). It allowed for various abstractions across various marketing collateral both online and in print. Most importantly it was strong enough to have a presence, but quite enough not to overshadow the beautiful products that were being sold in the store.

Client: Handle With Care
Industry: Art

This was a logo done for a group exhibition of international artist in Old Street, London. The font is partly ‘broken’ to re-enforce that things should be ‘handled with care’. The logo needed to be strong to stand out, but also not to be the focus – this would (and should) be the art work. The branding was applied to the artist catalogue, and flyers – it would have been used more, but independent, self funded shows usually have very small budgets and we did as much as we could – it was great to be a part of it all.