Multi-site WordPress website for a Japanese concert association - Created in partnership with Modis Design Inc


Multi-site installation

Website in 6 Languages

The Min-on website can be found here

We were commissioned to redesign a website for the Min-On Concert Association which is a nonprofit, independent, nondenominational organization. Min-On promotes the global exchange of musical culture with the aim of developing mutual understanding and respect among people of different races and nationalities.

The brief consisted of:

  • Exporting a large number of blog posts from a Joomla site into new WordPress site which we were to build.
  • The WordPress site needed to be a multisite installation with 6 different subdomains which would each have version of the site but translated into a different language. The languages were to be: English, French, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
  • Creating two accordion sidebar menus one for the Music Museum and the other for the Cultural Exchange section.
  • Create a bespoke language switcher

Site Design

Min-on wanted the site to have a magazine feel to it as they have lots of blog posts which are updated regularly. We decided on a header slider which would allow Min-On to display main images for the headline post then different sections below which could show featured posts. We added in a social media sidebar with a live facebook feed linked to Min-On’s facebook page and also an Instagram feed linked to the live Instagram account.

Multi-lingual Site

Creating a site in 6 languages served up an exciting challenge for us and there was a lot of google translate used. We were given the translations which had been done by native speakers but we had to make sure that the correct sections went in the correct places in the site.

We also created a bespoke language switcher which allows users to change easily between the sites on the multi-site installation. We coded this from scratch so that it achieves exactly what we needed for this project.

Bespoke Language Switcher

We created a bespoke language switcher to allow the user to switch easily between the different language sites. We coded this ourselves as we didn’t want to rely on a third party for such a key part of the build. The language switcher when used will take the user to the equivalent page of any of the different language sites unless the user is viewing a blog post. This was because the blog posts aren’t the same across all the sites.