Poster Design Collection

A Collection of Posters for Various Industries



This is a collection of various poster designs. The span across various industries, from music to health and fitness.

Client: Barbican Centre
Industry: Exhibition Space

This was a pitch poster for an exhibition based on the ‘square’. The square it usually seen as very ridgit and angular – so we used potato printing to soften them up a bit, and also to make each square potato print different…no square is the same here.

Client: Education Alliance
Industry: Education

This was a poster design for the Education Alliance, in West Virginia.

Client: Lonelyleap
Industry: Film

This was a poster used at Loneyleap to remind staff and clients of all the achieve footage that was available in the studio. It was really fun collecting still of the footage and then arranging it on the poster. It really shows the variety that they have – a really great resource to be celebrated and used

Client: Hold Strong
Industry: Health & Fitness

This was a poster used in the gym and at trade shows to promote Hold Strong. The specialised in crossfit and weight training.

Client: Boom
Industry: Music

This was a poster for BOOM – a school level music event and competition.