A programme for a music event.

Event Programme


This was a program for an international noise music event. The program had to capture the idea of noise, but also a sort of rhythm – the lines create the rhythm, and connect with technology which is very much at the centre of current noise music. The abstract approach design allows for the program to represent all the music and allows the view to create their own interpretation. We choose to print on news print for a number of reasons, the main ones being it was a good contrast to the noise of the scribble, it allowed us to use bright almost neon colours to create a great contrast, and also it was cost effective and more environmentally friendly than other options. The programme also has a muti-purpose, not only does it give information about the event, once the event it is over it becomes a poster and keepsake.

When it came to the branding we keep things simple and typographic, using a bright popping colour to echo the energy, vibrancy and of course noise of the event.