Do what you love. Love what you do. We do lots of things, as we believe there is no limit to learning and creativity. That said, if we had to say, these are the things we’re really good at, because we really love doing them

Keeping it fresh

Always reading. Always learning. The world of coding and design changes fast. We make sure we stay inspired by design and coding/technology.

Brainstorm. Research. Explore. Formulate. Create. Deliver. Repeat.

We specialise in website design and graphic/print design. We create custom websites that are uniquely suited to each client. We can also create branding guidelines and packages which include among other items sales deck, logo, marketing materials (pamphlets, flyers, etc.).

Our Approach

Listen. Communicate. Collaborate. 

We love the making and design process, in particular creating forward thinking unique designs which look beautiful and communicate the story effectively. But we value the input and knowledge of others too and keeping our clients involved in the process and much (or as little) as they like.

We’re focused and passionate about creating websites using the most up to date techniques, a website that doesn’t function well will loose users, and a bad looking website won’t attract them and keep them on your website. Never has the relationship between form and function been as important as it is in website design and development.

The challenge of solving design and coding problems created by continually pushing our selves with every project is what keeps us going – if you’re not learning anything, then what is the point?!

Why Choose Us?

Working with Align Studios is a personal experience, you will talk directly to the team leader or lead designer working on your project, this person will have a complete understanding of the project and will be your go to person for any questions/feedback. We work in small teams, this means that we avoid the ‘broken telephone’ effect which can often happen in unnecessarily large teams.

We provide the complete design and build process form design to development to setting up a website and an online presence.

We offer forward thinking websites which are tailored exactly to the client’s needs and don’t look like your typical sites – we are not restricted by templates but if that’s a preferred option then we’re still happy to work within that.

We appreciate that not everyone is a developer (that’s why you’re here) so we’re more than happy to answer any questions and offer guidance on how to use your new website – either through written documentation or videos specifically created for your website.

This Is Us

After working in various roles, we (Matt & Sam) decided to actually live the phrase, ‘do what you love, love what you do’ and so here we are. A small (but perfectly formed) studio of two creatives — a graphic designer & a web developer whose combined skill ensures beauty of form and seamlessness of function.

Our philosophy is simple – do good work for good people.

We want to put something that is good and useful out into the world — yes we appreciate the hippiness of this, but we don’t care.

We do this through the skills, which we have acquired and practiced, our experience, combined with our passion for researching and creating compelling design to inform, inspire and engage.

We see design as a collaborative process, and work with our clients and friends to create something that is beautiful and functional. Our work is creative and technically accomplished for a diverse collection of clients.