• Advanced Custom Fields
  • Custom Themes
  • PHP Development
  • Multi-Lingual Sites

We specialise in creating WordPress websites. We love all things WordPress and use the framework to create Dynamic and user friendly sites. In our experience, one aspect of WordPress websites that clients are wary of is that they all look the same – this is because a lot of developers use prebuilt templates. We are more than happy to go off the beaten track (in fact we enjoy it more) when designing our WordPress websites and the key thing with how we develop our WordPress websites – building them using CSS/HTML5/jQuery first before converting them to WordPress – is that it affords us the flexibility to create any functionality we want. Essentially we use WordPress to enhance our designs with features such as API integrations and custom fields editing.

We make sure to find out from the client exactly the needs for the site and this enables us to completely customise the site. With the use of Advanced Custom Fields we can make any field on the site easily editable – it is essentially as easy as filling out a form field. We provide bespoke tutorials, pdfs or online videos on how to update client sites as they are all built differently – geared towards the client’s needs.